Below is a complete listing of Insurance Information Institute all-digital publications.

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Insurance Fact Book (PDF) 2021 (Released January 2021)                          

Since its inception, the Insurance Fact Book has delivered detailed information for reporters, businesses, regulators, legislators and researchers seeking a greater understanding of trends and statistics that shape the insurance industry. The all-digital 2021 edition is the flagship industry reference resource, presented in a user-friendly PDF format. With thousands of facts, figures, tables and graphs designed for quick and easy reference, it covers the dollars and cents of the business, factors affecting costs, losses by category, laws affecting motorists, premiums by line and much more. This year we have added content to address many events, including: Emerging Risks: Insurer Response to the Pandemic; new sections on Civil Disturbance and COVID-19; Homeowners High-Risk Markets; and expanded commercial insurance data.

As always, the book provides valuable information on:

- World and U.S. catastrophes; property/casualty and life/annuity insurance results and investments
- Personal expenditures on auto and homeowners insurance
- Major categories of insurance losses, including catastrophes, vehicle accidents, homeowners claims, crime and workplace accidents
- State auto insurance laws

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Insurance Fact Book (PDF) 2020                                  

This edition has data on several topics, including coastal storm surge risk; marijuana and workers compensation; and a new section, “Emerging and Evolving Insurance Issues.”

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Insurance Fact Book (PDF) 2019                              

This edition has data on several topics, including: reinsurance; storm surge risk; hail; and marijuana and impaired driving, among others.

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Insurance Fact Book (PDF) 2018                              

This edition has included more international statistics, including data on the leading companies of the Top 10 Countries by Life and Nonlife Premiums, and we added more information on cybercrime, and opioid use.

NOTE: The Fact Book PDF may not be distributed or resold, and refunds are at the discretion of the publisher.

Insuring Your Business: A Small Businessowners' Guide To Insurance                      

There are over seven million small businesses in the U.S., ranging from construction firms to grocery stores to home-based businesses. This guide helps business owners decide what kinds of insurance they need for their particular enterprise.

Insurance Handbook                              

A guide to the insurance industry for reporters, public policymakers, students, insurance company employees, regulators and others. Provides concise explanations of auto, home, life, disability and business insurance, as well as issues papers, a glossary and directories. (Note: This book updates and expands upon the former I.I.I. Insurance Handbook for Reporters and the Insurance Handbook for Policymakers).

Regularly updated Web version available at:

Reinsurance Fundamentals                              

Edited by Ruth Gastel, CPCU (2003). Reinsurance experts explain the fundamentals of the business including facultative reinsurance, constructing catastrophe and liability reinsurance programs, loss development and the role of the intermediary, as well as the different markets. The new challenges discussed range from catastrophe modeling, the securitization of risk and other alternative risk management techniques to changes in the reinsurance environment and the nature of risk itself.



A Firm Foundation: How Insurance Supports the Economy

A website that shows the myriad ways in which insurance provides economic support, from offering employment and fueling the capital markets, to providing financial security and income to individuals and local businesses through the payment of claims. The website includes a wide array of charts and tables, as well as a special tool that generates state specific compilations. Regularly updated Web version available at

Commercial Insurance

A comprehensive guide to the business of commercial insurance—its 20-plus major coverages and dozens of specialty products. Commercial Insurance provides clear, concise explanations of all aspects of the sector, including distribution, surplus lines and reserving. Web version available at